We can supply your restaurant with our finest teas too!

Sherston Tea Company is a  small independent company with a meticulously selected list of the very best rare and traditional teas and tisanes. All the flavoured or blended teas/tisanes are our own recipes meticulously conceived over time to bring you and your customers the best tastes, flavours and aromas.

Our teas are all of the highest quality Ist grade or single estate and we also have a range of our own exclusive award winning tisanes.  Our products can be found in a select number of restaurants, cafés and shops and they can be sold as packaged products or served directly to the customer.

www.foodmadebybob.com & www.thekinghamplough.co.uk are just two local examples of how Sherston Tea Company can help your business by putting our high quality teas and tisanes on your menu. A bespoke range of specialist teas are supplied on a wholesale basis.  We can also supply a small range of our teas for sale, as your customers may asked if the teas were available to purchase.

We are confident that your customers will thoroughly enjoy our high quality loose leaf teas and tisanes.

We can supply our products to your business on an basis that is tailored to your restaurant or cafe needs.  There is a small charge for delivery. Sherston Tea tries to keep prices stable, but does have to increase prices occasional as the wholesale prices can fluctuate,but if this is the case you will always be notified in advance.

Please contact us for further information, as we always like to discuss or come in person to do a tea tasting; as this helps us deliver the teas that would be most appropriate for your particular restaurant/shop.   info@sherstontea.com


“While there is tea there is hope!”

Sir Arthur Wing Pinero – English Dramatist & Actor