Japan Sencha Kakagawa


This Japan Sencha green tea is a premium quality tea and is produced in the Kagoshima prefecture. Japan’s most influential Samurai, Saigō Takamori (1828-1877), was born in Kagoshima prefecture, home of Japan Sencha Kakagawa, and according to folklore, Saigō Takamori was dubbed Japan’s last true Samurai, a famous warrior who fought social oppression, and won many battles. Kakagawa is thought by many in the tea world to be one of the truest expressions of Japanese tea, also highly capable of winning the hearts of all who drink it.  This is 100% premium quality Sencha green tea and despite the fact that mechanical plucking is used Japan Sencha is generally considered to be best Green tea in the world. This tea is semi fermented being steamed then hand rubbed followed by being pan-fried which gives the large leaf its distinctive glossy appearance and feel. A fabulous tea, well worthy of its lineage. Enjoy.

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