Earl Grey


Earl Grey Ceylon black leaf tea is blended with oil extracted from the citrus Bergamot fruit and strewn with cornflowers. Stories vary as to how this tea got its name – as tea was very fashionable and expensive in the 18th century; at Howick House in Northumberland tea was given to their guests but here the water was full of lime and so it is said that Charles, 2nd Earl Grey had a tea specially blended by a Chinese mandarin for to suit the water by using bergamot in particular to offset the taste of the lime in it.  The other is that a British diplomat, sometimes it is Earl Grey himself, saved the life of a Mandarin and was given the recipe as a token of thanks; another that it was a gift for a successful diplomatic mission, however it is likely that none of the stories are true and just a marketing ploy whatever the truth, this classic scented tea has become synonymous with British teatime. It is probably the best selling scented tea in the world with a distinctive flavour and aroma. The tea is a blend from high growing plantations in Sri Lanka – Nuwara Eliya, Dimbula and Uva where classic “Ceylon” tea is produced with a floral bouquet and mild astringency that makes a bright coppery colour infusion just a perfect base for this tea, then only natural oil flavours and blue cornflowers are added giving this tea a clean and true character.

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