China White Monkey


China White Monkey green tea is cultivated on a very small scale in the famous Jiangxi district of the Seven Mountains it is a true rarity as the annual production is very small and when you infuse these leaves you will see them uncurl almost coming back to life! Even though this is a green tea, the visual appearance and cup liquor is so delicate that it can be almost considered a white tea, and as with all white teas, you can brew this tea several times and enjoy each cup as new exquisite delicate flavours develop.

The yearly harvest takes place in late March /early April and is a first flush tea of outstanding quality; made from the top two leaves and the bud of new season growth. The leaves still have the ‘hairy down’ on them, which indicates that these leaves were plucked very early in the morning and within the first two weeks of the new season of growth. These delicate leaves are gently and gingerly steamed and dried so the end result is an exquisite handmade semi-fermented green tea. The dried leaves are curled into the shape of “a Monkey Paw”.

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