WILD ROSE This Artisan tea is handmade and hand tied.

Wild Rose is a magical tea bloom that delights the eye as well as the taste buds. The bloom will unfurl when hot water is added revealing the delicate flowers hidden within! This tea bloom also has a sweet fragrance of roses.

About This Tea

These tea blooms were inspired by Tiffany lamps. There is a story that an American, when visiting a tea plantation owner, took a Tiffany lamp as a gift, which was then displayed prominently and visible to all who passed the house. One evening, an artisan, who worked on the plantation, became so mesmerised by the beauty of the light and colours emanating from it, that he was inspired to create something of his own. He took a handful of the finest green tea leaves and also some wild rosebuds and with great care tied them together with string, making them into a shape that evoked the lamp. This Tea Bloom is gift packaged in a light blue box with a leaflet explaining all about the Bloom – the stories behind the making – and how to brew. The blooms are individually heat sealed packaged so they can be used at different times. There is a total of three Blooms.

Brewing Notes
Place 1 ball in your teapot (ideally a clear glass for maximum visual effect) and add freshly boiled water that has cooled slightly to approx. 86C. Do not use boiling water as this may scald the leaves and prevent them from releasing all their flavour.

1st grade green tea from Yunnan Province, Amaranth and Marigold blossoms and Osmanthus petals.

Price: £5.50


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