THE POET’S This Artisan tea is handmade and hand tied

The Poets Tea Bloom is a pod that grows in your teapot into an intricate tower of flowers, it makes wonderful centre piece to any table as well as being a great tasting tea. The original Poet’s Tea Bloom found its inspiration in a Chinese fable about love; the bloom symbolizes flowers picked by the maiden and representing the warmth in her heart. He picked the blossoms of finest jasmine, amaranth and lavender and tied them inside delicate green leaf tea. The Poet’s Tea Bloom has a glorious fresh bright taste punctuated with floral notes and the wonderful warm undertones of honey.

About This Tea

Has its muse from one of China’s foremost poet’s Tu-Fu who lived from 712– 770A.D. and he wrote many poems on the subject of life, sadness and the longevity of love. One of his poems in particular was titled Alone in her Beauty and it is this poem that served as the inspiration for this tea, it is a love sonnet to a beautiful maiden from a smitten suitor, who thinks his love is not enough. Who is lovelier than she? Yet she lives alone in an empty valley.
When trouble arose in the Kuan district, her brothers and close kin were killed.
Understandably, the maiden is heartbroken, she has nothing left, or does she? Tu-Fu continues:
She picks a few flowers, no longer for her hair, and lets pine needles fall through her fingers
And forgetting her thin silk sleeve and the cold, she leans in the sunset by the tall bamboo.
In the midst of her sorrow, the suitor notices the maiden picking the flowers, this act symbolises hope for the future and the intangible aspect of life we all search for even in the deepest sorrow – the beauty of love. The Tea Artisan found inspiration in the tale realising that the flowers picked by the maiden could represent a glimmer of warmth in her heart, and so he hoped his tea bloom could also help warm the heart. This Tea Bloom is gift packaged in a light blue box with a leaflet explaining all about the Bloom – the stories behind the making – and how to brew. The blooms are individually heat sealed packaged so they can be used at different times. There is a total of three Blooms.

Brewing Notes
Place 1 ball in your teapot (ideally a clear glass for maximum visual effect) and add freshly boiled water that has cooled slightly to approx. 86C. Do not use boiling water as this may scald the leaves and prevent them from releasing all their flavour.

1st grade Green Tea from Yunnan Province China, Amaranth, Jasmine and Lavender blossoms.

Price: £5.50


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