Bukhial is a very special tea estate once owned by the Williamson & Magor, the world’s largest family owned tea company, it covers 2052 acres of which around 1420 acres is tea plantation. Bukhial is located in Golaghat District of Assam, close to Nagaland where wild elephants still roam. Rainfall in this area is modest, making near perfect growing conditions as the tea bushes grow slowly, which gives this 2nd Flush its mellow and distinct malty character. It should be to be savoured and contemplated. This is a 98% Ethical Tea Partnership certify tea.

Earl Grey Ceylon black leaf tea is blended with oil extracted from the citrus Bergamot fruit and strewn with cornflowers. Stories vary as to how this tea got its name – one tale is that a British diplomat, sometimes it is Earl Grey himself, saved the life of a Mandarin and was given the recipe as a token of thanks; another that it was a gift for a successful diplomatic mission, however it is likely that none of the stories are true and just a marketing ploy whatever the truth, this classic scented tea has become synonymous with British teatime. It is probably the best selling scented tea in the world with a distinctive flavour and aroma. The tea is a blend from high growing plantations in Sri Lanka – Nuwara Eliya, Dimbula and Uva where classic “Ceylon” tea is produced with a floral bouquet and mild astringency that makes a bright coppery colour infusion just a perfect base for this tea, then only natural oil flavours and blue cornflowers are added giving this tea a clean and true character.

Darjeeling FTGFOP 2nd Flush ‘Margaret’s Hope’ black tea is a highly prized 2nd flush Darjeeling picked in May and June. Darjeeling is always and quite justifiably referred to as the ‘champagne of teas’. This estate is located in southern Darjeeling with spectacular views of the Himalayas it is about 2000m high and here the Chinese type Thea Sinensis tea bushes grow relatively slowly in the cool climate and deep mists of the mountains. How did this estate get its intriguing name? In the 1930’s the estate owner Mr Bagdon visited with his daughter Margaret who was enchanted by the tea garden. On returning to England she told her father that she hoped to return, but unfortunately she became ill and died. In her memory, her father changed the name of the estate to Margaret’s Hope.

Please note all caddies contain various weights of tea depending on type.

Brewing Notes
To make Black tea boil water and leave to cool for 30 seconds – 1 minute or use water at 203F – 95C. Take care not to pour actual boiling water on to the leaves as this will scald the leaves and damage the flavour. It is important to use good fresh filtered water and to allow time for the leaves to infuse releasing their fragrance and flavour, after pouring (it can be a benefit to use porcelain cups or mugs) drink immediately and do not let the tea over infuse as this can make the taste too strong and slightly bitter. Use either the warm cup or two tea pot methods as described for White Tea, you can use the leaves to brew a second pot but there may be a subtle change in taste and aroma

As a guide infuse 1-2 teaspoons per cup for up to 1-4 minutes depending on the strength you enjoy. It can be drunk with milk and sugar but if you are using a good single estate or first /second flush or a black tea which is flavoured with fruit or flowers then drinking it without milk is highly recommended.

2nd Flush Darjeeling Tea from the famous Margaret’s Hope Tea Garden ASSAM TGFOP 2 Single Estate Black Leaf Tea. From the Bukhial Tea plantation.
EARL GREY ingredients
Sri Lanka Black OP (Orange Pekoe) leaf tea with bergamot oil & blue cornflowers.

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