China Pai Mu Tan 1st Grade KBA (German Organic Certification) white tea is also called Bai Mu Tan or White Peony – a superb white tea from the Fujian Province. This tea is harvested and processed during early spring by carefully selecting only the finest tender buds and top two leaves. The leaves should be a certain size and offer a mix of light and darker greens and silver buds to create its unique taste. It is traditionally processed by withering and air drying, and the blend of leaf colours will yield a clear light straw cup colour.

Morning Dew is a wonderful blend of our China Pai Mu Tan 1st Grade KBA (German Organic Certification) white tea and organic peppermint leaves and makes bright fresh infusion especially good in the mornings and after dinner as a relaxing digestive.

Silk Way is a blend of our China Pai Mu Tan 1st Grade KBA (German Organic Certification) white tea white tea and sunflower petals and it makes soft and serene infusion particularly good in the afternoons.

All these teas are very low in caffeine and high in anti oxidants.

Please note all caddies contain various weights of tea depending on type.

Brewing Notes
To make White tea boil water and leave to cool for around 2 minutes or use water at 185F –85C.
Take care not to pour boiling water on to the leaves as this will scald the leaves and prevent them from opening and releasing all their delicate flavours and aromas. It is important to use good fresh filtered water and to allow time for the leaves to infuse and open releasing their fragrance and flavour. Do not let the tea over infuse as this can make the taste too strong and slightly bitter. Do not let the leaves stew in any remaining water, drain off all water and reuse the leaves by pouring new fresh hot water for a second brew, this brew can have different characteristics in taste and flavours. The Chinese have often regarded the second brew as the best!

As a guide infuse 1-2 teaspoons of White Tea per cup for up to 4 minutes depending on the strength you enjoy.

PAI MU TAN ingredients
Organic China White Tea
MORNING DEW ingredients
Organic China White Tea with Organic Peppermint cut leaves
SILK WAY ingredients
Organic China White Tea with Organic Sunflower cut petals

All collections are gift packaged in our exclusively designed handmade Nepalese boxes and contain various combinations of our multi award winning loose leaf teas and tisanes.


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