This Japanese Sencha green tea is a premium quality tea and is produced in the Shizuoka prefecture, south west of Tokyo. Shizuoka has a unique climate compared with most of Japan, it never gets very cold and soon warms up in the Spring, and the water is very pure as the streams flow from Mount Fuji. This is 100% premium quality Sencha green tea and despite the fact that mechanical plucking is used Japanese Sencha is generally considered to be best Green tea in the world. This tea is semi fermented it is steamed and hand rubbed and then pan-fried to stop the fermentation, all these processes give this large leaf tea its distinctive glossy appearance and feel.

The Muse green tea contains gingko leaves, pink peppers and small freeze dried strawberries and is based on a premium quality Sencha. It is a green tea full of surprises, with a wonderful aroma and taste to match. If you though that you didn’t like green tea try this, and you may be delightfully surprised.

Peaceful Green is a beautiful tea both visually and to taste, with aloe powder and pink rose buds and petals and based on a 1st grade Sencha. It makes a soft, smooth infusion that is high in antioxidants and has a sweet gentle aroma and taste. Do not over brew as this is a delicate light tea.

Please note all caddies contain various weights of tea depending on type.

Brewing Notes
To make Green tea, boil water and leave to cool for around 1-2 minutes or use water at 166F – 75C. It is important to use good fresh filtered water and to allow time for the leaves to infuse and open releasing their fragrance and flavour. Boil freshly drawn filtered water, if you use water that has already been boiled in a kettle it reduces the oxygen content in the water. The warm cup method is very good for making Green Tea, as you are less likely to find the tea is bitter with this method, as the amino acids that give the tea its flavour dissolve at a lower temperature than the tannin and the tea will taste sweeter. It is really important not to let the tea brew for too long or to leave the leaves in the teapot. It is possible to use the leaves again but you must take out all the water and fill the teapot again with fresh boiled filtered water.

Take care not to pour boiling water on to the leaves as this will scald the leaves and stop the leaves from releasing their flavour and damage the delicate flavour. It is important for the leaves to open and release the delicate aromas and taste, drink immediately and do not let the tea over infuse as it can become strong and slightly bitter if left too long.

As a guide infuse 1-2 teaspoons of Green tea per cup for up to 3 minutes depending on the strength you enjoy. Drinking Green tea without milk is highly recommended, but you can add sugar or honey to taste.

Single Estate Sencha Green Tea from Japan
THE MUSE ingredients
Green China Sencha Tea, Ginkgo leaves, freeze- dried strawberry pieces, rosa peppercorns, & natural strawberry flavouring.
PEACEFUL GREEN ingredients
China Green Sencha Tea Red & Pink Rose Petals & Rose Buds Aloe Powder

All collections are gift packaged in our exclusively designed handmade Nepalese boxes and contain various combinations of our multi award winning loose leaf teas and tisanes.

TASTEWESTGOLD GreatTaste1-2009

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