This is an exclusive blend to Sherston Tea Company making a truly full bodied tea that packs flavour! It is a blend of Bukhial PF (Pekoe Fannings) from the tea estate once belonging to and managed by George Williamson Assam Ltd – the world’s largest privately held tea plantation group. Bukhial is situated on the south side of the Brahmaputra River in the state of Assam near a remote region called Nagaland. In this area rainfall is lower which makes the bushes grow more slowly, producing an outstanding tea. For those of you that like a very full bodied tea with flavour and stringency and has ‘oomph’ in the cup – this is it! Kambaa BP1 (Broken Pekoe 1) although Kambaa is quite a young factory when compared to heritage production facilities in China or India, Kambaa’s tea output ranks among the best in the world. Kambaa was commissioned in 1974 to serve as a manufacturing facility for thousands of small hold tea farmers in Kenya’s Kiambu District. Both teas are CTC Cut Torn & Curled.N.B. This Breakfast Blend is a stronger blend than Sherston Tea Company No1.

Tasting Notes

Bukhial PF makes a very bright and golden coppery infusion with full-bodied strength and a true malty character from one of the top Assam gardens. Kambaa BP1 has a bright and coppery infusion and also very malty flavour that has light hints of currant, with bright golden and inviting cup. Great for all day but is really an ideal tea to accompany a full traditional English breakfast. Drink with or without milk or sugar.


Black Leaf Tea. A blend of 2nd flush Assam Bukhial BOP & Kenya BP1

GreatTaste1-2012  Ethical

Price: £4.80


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