Revitalize provides a wonderfully smooth cup of tea with a double dose of anti-oxidant goodness. As the tea warms your body, hopefully you will feel waves of restoration and a subtle energy boost. It makes a superb pick-me-up after a late night out!

About This Tea

Much has been written about the restorative properties of herbs and flowers and the Hibiscus is a prime example. In Hindu worship, the beautiful and highly fragrant blossoms of the Hibiscus plant are used as offerings to the goddess of time and change, Kali, and the god, Ganesh, widely revered as the remover of obstacles. Maybe adding Hibiscus to your daily routine will open spiritual and mental blockages! If this sounds far-fetched, remember that Hibiscus was designed by Nature to make you feel good.

The Revitalize Teas are individually heat sealed packaged so they can be used at different times. There are 4 of Revitalize in the box and a leaflet with information.

Brewing Notes
Bring freshly drawn cold water to a rolling boil and place one formed in a teapot, preferably in a glass teapot in order to watch the leaves unfurl. One disc will make a teapot for 3- 6 cups, but you can break the disc into half or quarter to make a single cup. Let the water cool too approx. 80C before pouring into the teapot. Do not use boiling water as this may scald the leaves and prevent them from releasing all their flavour. Infuse the tea for 2-4 minutes according to your taste. Note this tea may be re-brewed 2-3 times

Organic Green Tea from Zhejiang Province & Organic Natural Dried Hibiscus


Price: £5.50


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