Relax is a mellow cup made from freshly picked chrysanthemum flower and an organic green tea. A perfect combination for the end of the day………. Brew, Drink and Relax
About This Tea

Chinese history with the Chrysanthemum flower known as “Ju Hua” starts with the Han Dynasty, (206-220 BC). The many Chinese believed that plants and flowers possessed mystical powers of healing, and that Chrysanthemum flowers in particular offered eternal life! An ancient Han legend from Henan Province tells the story of some villagers who discovered a stream full of chrysanthemum petals, these villagers drank from the stream, and it is said lived to be 130 years old. Chrysanthemum is recognized as one of China’s honourable plants, and traditional Chinese health practitioners use Chrysanthemum tea’s as a relaxant and also think it helps detoxify the blood, aids in sinus congestion, lowers high blood pressure, sharpens vision and clears the mind – quite a lot for one tea.
The Relax Teas are individually heat sealed packaged so they can be used at different times. There are 4 of Relax in the box and a leaflet with information.

Brewing Notes
Bring freshly drawn cold water to a rolling boil and place one formed in a teapot, preferably in a glass teapot in order to watch the leaves unfurl. One disc will make a teapot for 3- 6 cups, but you can break the disc into half or quarter to make a single cup. Let the water cool too approx. 80C before pouring into the teapot. Do not use boiling water as this may scald the leaves and prevent them from releasing all their flavour. Infuse the tea for 2-4 minutes according to your taste. Note this tea may be re-brewed 2-3 times

Organic Green Tea from Zhejiang Province & Organic Natural Dried Chrysanthemum Petals


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