Over the years this extraordinary tea has come to be regarded as one of the best produced in Yunnan, it is manufactured during the spring Flush and is graded as TGFOP Special (Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe Special) – the cup overflows with vivacious maltiness and brews a beautiful golden coppery colour infusion. Use fresh filtered water at 203F/95C and brew for between 2 -5mins depending on your taste.

The Background – Peregrine 1st Flush Mountain is an extremely rare and quite delicious black tea from Yunnan Province. The forested wild hills of Yunnan are home to the magnificent Peregrine Falcons and in some of the remote mountain villages Peregrines are revered as a sacred and spiritual bird, and wonderful legends regarding them flourish, so naturally since Yunnan is also where to some of the world’s finest tea are grown there is wonderful fable in which a tea owes its existence to the Peregrine falcon!

The Fable of Peregrine 1st Flush Mountain……………..

A young boy was out hunting rabbits above his village, and as he ventured up the steep forested slopes higher than ever before, he came across a falcon caught in a scare – in those days it was customary for the aristocrats to keep Peregrine Falcons for hunting and as the boy examined the scare he found it had the great mark of a fierce local warlord. So the boy realised he faced a dilemma, rescue the bird and set it free or face certain death if he action was discovered by the warlord. Whilst deep in thought a sudden sharp wind whisked through the forest carrying the cry of this falcon, it said “if you release me from this trap, I will show a great field of undiscovered tea bushes which will make an amazing new variety of tea and this will make you rich enough to pay your tributes to the warlord and more besides”, at this the boy released the bird and true to the Peregrine Falcon’s word lead him to this remarkable new tea.


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