Peony Rose is an infusion of Pai Mu Tan (White Peony) which is mild and uncomplicated traditional white tea and Rose Petals, together they create a smooth gentle brew with a subtle trace of sweetness. Pai Mu Tan is a very delicate tea, as just the unfurled bud and two top leaves are carefully plucked, so this tea has almost no tannin or caffeine and a remarkable amount of antioxidants that can promote general well-being. Drinking this tea is a wonderfully healthy and relaxing way to give your body a healthy treat.

Tasting Notes

This large leaf white tea makes a beautiful soft gentle cup that is also revitalizing with a refreshing slightly sweet taste. It is rich in those wonderful anti oxidants and can be enjoyed from the morning onwards, You can make several infusions from the same leaves, thus making this tea good value, but be generous with the leaf, probably a tablespoon and steep it in water temperature of 170–185 F or 77 – 80C for about 2 – 4 minutes. Do let the leaves stew as this can make the tea bitter, drain all the water off and then re brew with fresh boiled water for a second cup.


Pai Mu Tan Tea – Pink Rose Petals


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