Organic Wuyi Rock Oolong is best enjoyed when the leaves are briefly infused with hot water, which is then poured off, the tea is then re-infused and tea is poured after about 1 minute. The leaves may be re-infused for between 3-5 times, each subsequent infusion will be a different flavour from the proceeding cup. The flavour is at once rich, delicate and laden with floral nuance and brews from a light to a deep emerald green, this depends on the strength brewed. Take pleasure in one of the world’s all natural wonders!

The Background – Organic Wuyi Rock Oolong is one of the purest teas from around the world. This rare Oolong comes from Mount Wuyi in Nanping Region, along the border of Jiangxi Province China. In 1999, UNESCO listed the mountain as a World Heritage Site in part owing to its outstanding biodiversity. According to the UN, Mount Wuyi is one of the World’s finest, intact, subtropical forests, and it is also registered with the Chinese Government as a biodiversity conservation zone.  The climate of the region is relatively humid  as Mount Wuyi prevents cool air from entering the valley, and the Nine Bend River meanders  through the valleys below. This whole region is breathtakingly pristine and many of the plant and animal species are unique to the area. Here grows the world famous organic rock tea, these tea bushes are ancient, having grown amongst the mountain’s rocky outcroppings for generations. Cultivation of the plants is almost impossible given the topography, so exceptional care is taken when handling and plucking the fresh tea shoots, light cotton gloves are worn when plucking and handling the leaves, which are harvested in small quantities, so as not to tirethe bushes. The fresh leaf is then allowed to naturally semi-ferment. Semi fermentation allows the edges of the leaf to turn while the middle of the leaf stays green. (This is the reason for the slight colour change from the edge of the leaf to the centre.)


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