This tea originates from Fujian province of China. The Fukienese word ‘souchong’ means sub variety – and is sub variety of other black teas from the Wuyi mountains of Fujian. These high mountains with thick pine forests and heavy mist provide the ideal environment for growing top quality tea. The leaves are first withered over fires of pine and cypress wood, and then pan fried and rolled and placed in cloth covered wooden barrels and left to ferment until the leaves smell fragrant. The leaves are then fired again and placed in bamboo baskets and hung on wooden racks over smoking pine fires, giving this tea its very distinctive aroma and taste.

Tasting Notes

This is an Organic superier Lapsang Souchong has a smooth crisp character with a remarkable heady aroma of pine & oak wood fires, it makes a bright clear amber coloured infusion. Lapsang Souchong is often described as “an acquired taste” and does not suit everyone’s palate, can be drunk with or without milk and sugar.


Special smoked leaf tea from Xingchun Region of Fujian Province China

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