This Artisan tea is handmade and hand tied.

Jasmine Tea Bloom is exquisite & delicate tea bloom with a beautiful fragrance as the bloom unfurls and produces jasmine blossoms that have been ensnared inside the green tea leaves! This bloom produces a beautiful and intensely delicate cup which fills the mouth with a bright Jasmine character over the grassy green tea with a lightly sweet honey taste. It is handmade and hand tied with premium Green Tea, Jasmine and Arabian Jasmine blossoms, making pale infusion with hints of sunshine yellow.

About This Tea

The tea is steamed and then dried with fresh Arabian Jasmine flowers, which impart a delicate flavour and aroma.

The dry leaf appearance of the tea balls is tending towards a mottled and white appearance, indicating very early new season tea and extremely careful plucking and manufacture. (New season tea of this quality is rare and only available for 2-3 weeks each year!) When you place a Jasmine Tea Bloom in your cup you will see the leaves begin to uncurl and transform.

In China Jasmine Tea Blooms are highly prized and given as special gifts:
– On the birth of a son – The shape signifies a well-rounded life and as the boy grows into man fullness to life emerges.
– Upon a marriage – The bloom signifies the coming together of two people and their desire for a long and happy life together.
– To highly esteemed guests and friends – the cost of these special teas signifies respect and the desire to remain a friend in the fullness of life.
– For health, long life and luck – the health benefits from regular drinking of green tea has been well known for centuries and a gift of this tea bloom is said to impart good luck. This Tea Bloom is gift packaged in a light blue box with a leaflet explaining all about the Bloom – the stories behind the making – and how to brew. The blooms are individually heat sealed packaged so they can be used at different times. There is a total of three Blooms.

Brewing Notes
Place 1 ball in your teapot (ideally a clear glass for maximum visual effect) and add freshly boiled water that has cooled slightly to approx. 86C. Do not use boiling water as this may scald the leaves and prevent them from releasing all their flavour.

1st grade green tea from Fujian Province, Marigold, Jasmine, & Arabian jasmine blossoms.

Price: £5.50


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