This Japan Sencha green tea is a premium quality tea and is produced in the Shizuoka prefecture, south west of Tokyo. Shizuoka has a unique climate compared with most of Japan, it never gets very cold and soon warms up in the Spring, and the water is very pure as the streams flow from Mount Fuji. This is 100% premium quality Sencha green tea and despite the fact that mechanical plucking is used Japan Sencha is generally considered to be best Green tea in the world. This tea is semi fermented being steamed and hand rubbing followed by being pan-fried which gives the large leaf its distinctive glossy appearance and feel.

Tasting Notes

Sencha green tea has a fresh, delicate and refined flavour and the tea leaves can be used for repeat brewing. It makes a clear, sparkling light golden straw coloured infusion that can be drunk at any time of the day and is a wonderful digestif, also high in Vitamin C. It is important to use freshly drawn filtered water at around 190F/88C and brew for about 1 – 2 mins. Do not allow the leaves to over brew as this can lead.


Green Tea from Japan

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