This 1st grade Organic Nile Delta Camomile has another name “Whole Bachelor’s Buttons! It is grown in perhaps the oldest piece of continually farmed land on earth, and although the delta does not flood annually since the completion of the Aswan dam, it still retains the rich soil that infuses all agricultural produce grown there with an intense flavour. This organic camomile is field grown and then sundried and produced in accordance with European organic standards, it also Fair Trade certified.

Tasting Notes

This pure camomile makes a light yellow brew that combines naturally peaceful and enriching floral aromas with a beautifully smooth honey taste. Use 1 heaped teaspoon per cup and pour on boiled filtered water (that is off the boil for around 1-2 minutes) and brew for up to 5 minutes. Try in the summer months this recipe – pour the brewed Camomile tisane over ice cubes and then add honey, cinnamon and slices of orange to taste – delicious!


Organic Nile Delta Camomile


Price: £5.25


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