In rural China, Blue Spring Oolong is commonly referred to as the compassionate oolong tea. The name stems from ancient folklore of Guan Yin the Iron Goddess of Mercy, of which this now famous Ti Kuan Yin style tea was named. Legend has it that drought stricken villagers offered a passing Goat herder some water for himself and his goats, and with this compassionate and kind offering, Guan Yin revealed her true identity and spilled the water into the dry earth and a blue spring appeared miraculously. In honour of their benevolent Bodhisattva, the Fujian villagers began adding blue mallow flowers to represent the crystal blue spring water. It is thought to be a lovely tea to offer to friends.

Tasting Notes

Blue Spring Oolong is truly exceptional in the cup – layers of orchid blend with notes of minerals, wheat bread and hints of dry white wine on the finish – an exceptional and rare tea. It brews a pale green amber yellow.


Ti Kuan Yin grade Oolong from Fujian Province China with Mallow flowers

Price: £6.25


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