ASSAM BUKHIAL TGFOP Bukhial is a very special tea estate once owned by the Williamson & Magor, the world’s largest family owned tea company, it covers 2052 acres of which around 1420 acres is tea plantation. Bukhial is located in Golaghat District of Assam, close to Nagaland where wild elephants still roam. Rainfall in this area is modest, making near perfect growing conditions as the tea bushes grow slowly, which gives this 2nd Flush its mellow and distinct malty character. It should be to be savoured and contemplated. From an Ethical Tea Partnership estate.

Tasting Notes

Superior Single Estate Assam tea that provides a wonderful, bright, rich, malty cup and packed with complex flavours. If you’re looking for excellent, strong flavour with a smooth, balanced finish, this is the tea for you. It adds the perfect accompaniment to breakfast and is a great pick-me-up at any time of day. Drink with or without milk or sugar.


Black Leaf Tea from the Bukhial Tea plantation

GreatTaste1-2010 Ethical

Price: £4.85


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